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19" fireworks IPAD photo kiosk

19" fireworks IPAD photo kiosk

  • 88500

This fireworks kiosk is $850 withOUT the led glowing base.

Ipad is $350 more

shipping the two boxes is $50

$35 credt card fee

Total $1285


 You will have to email us directly for us to make a custom listing for the $950 glowing base version.

These are custom made to order and typically take 2 weeks to make . However during our busy seasons Spring right before wedding season and Dec right before bridal shows, it might take longer for delivery.

The unit's front plate is permanent. It cannot be rotated and unless you specify otherwise the orientation will be vertical. 9.7" ipads refurbished cost $350 more and we can also supply printers and extra led lighting. 


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