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ata case mirror booth

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this is a robust mirror booth inside a rectangular ATA case. The box has wheels on the bottom and has an approximate 55" mirror with 25% transmission mirror glass that is 1/4" thick. This glass lets in DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF LIGHT most competing mirror booths use so your TV images will pop with bright vibrant colors. 

Please not this item is too big to be delivered regular ups/fedex and must be delivered via a freight truck that is about twice as big as a UPS truck. If you live in a bigger city it is best to drive to the local truck depot to pick up the product.

Price of the unit breaks down as follows:

$1400 for empty ata case with approximate dimensions of 33"x66"x12" made of aluminum and plastic panels, we do not use heavy wood. 
the case has a removable lid that reveals a beautiful 55" mirror with led frame around it. 
$400 for 20% transmission 55" two way GLASS mirror. Most Photo Booth companies use cheaper 11% transmission glass. The images from the TV will really pop because they will be twice as bright. If you buy this mirror from a website like two way mirror they charge almost $1000 for the same thing!
$300 for the led changing color photo frame around the mirror. 
The led frame can be set to solid white or over 100 chasing led patterns. one could buy a wooden frame and put it over ontop as well.  If you want to save some money a wooden silver frame 3" wide is $150 less. 
$150 for 55" ir touch sensor with usb cord.
$250 for LTL (less then a truckload shipping to the nearest truck depot) this will NOT be delivered to your door, you will have to pick it up from the freight location. Please note this website will add $50 for shipping, the other $200 is buildt into the price. 
total of $2450.
this is a very very big case. you will need a truck, minivan or big SUV to transport. Weight with TV and other electronics will be about 120 lbs. Will vary depending on what equipment you put inside.
Dimensions are about 10x34x65". 
if you want a turn key system that includes a tv camera, flash, computer, software and printer CHOOSE THE DROP DOWN MENU ELECTRONICS INCLUDED. The electronics we use are as follows
New 43" tv
used mini pc with i5 or better cpu
used sony 200 dye sub printer. Heavy 55 lbs.
used canon dslr camera
new 300ws flash
If you want new electronics it will add about $1000 to the price.