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iphone 17" photo booth 12x24x5" size with luggage case, flash, G10 camera pc and touch screen.

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This modern sexy photo booth looks like an iPhone! It is made up of the following parts
REFURBISHED Lenovo M93P mini desktop computer
18" touch screen monitor new.
It also includes a canon g10 point and shoot refurbished camera. If you would rather have a 4k Logitech brio webcam that can also be used. on tops is a 160W powerfully flash and umbrella for beautiful portrait light.

PC comes preloaded with a working copy of psremote software (you do not own the software, but it works fine)
Includes a 3" square telescoping pole and nominal 18x22" x 1/4 thick aluminum base plate, and carrying luggage for the entire photobooth to make it very easy to transport. 
approximate dimensions and weight is below
12x24x5" top box weighs about 18 lbs.
pole telescopes from 24 to 45" in size 8 lbs
base is 18x22" slightly smaller 8 lbs
total weigh of about 34 lbs. 

If you have any questions you can send us a message
1. Is the unit powder coated? Yes the pole and cabinet are white power coated white, sorry we do not offer any other colors.
2.How much does the whole thing weigh? About 40 lbs.
3. Can I use an external flash? Yes a 1/2" diameter mounting stud is included at the top of the box.
4. How long does it take for us to receive the product? About 10 days after payment.
5. Do you offer discounts for multiple units? Yes please contact us for more details
6. Does the box have fans? NO. It has vent holes on top and bottom. WE can add fans, but it will cost about $15 more.
7. I have my own camera and 12" windows tablet. Can you custom make the cuts outs to fit my camera? YES, contact us for a custom build
8. What is the cost of the shell only? About $600
9. Can the camera be tilted? Yes.
10. Is shipping free to all places? NO only 48 USA states. Hi, Ak and international shipping will cost more.
11. Where can I buy a printer from? You can use any photo printer Even the cheap $50 inkjet printers you get at Walmart. However we recommend a professional dye sub printer like the Hiti 525L which costs about $430 plus $120 for the paper and ink.
12. I dont' like the look of the umbrella flash are there alternatives? Yes we can use a small hot shoe flash and bounce card, but the umbrella gives slightly nicer light. 

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