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Ring Roaver 16" portable ipad INCLUDED! case & battery pack

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$450. Ring roaver 16” 4lbs DOES NOT INCLUDE AN IPAD PRO. We can sell an 9.7  ipad pro refurb for $300 more . Powder coat black or white. Includes internal battery pack, no cords
16” by 1.1” thick
30w white leds inside. These are fine for roaving photos, but if you use it with or optional stationary stand we recommend getting more light. the 30w leds are about equivalent to a 100w bulb. So yes it works, but adding more lights will make It even better when stationary. When roaving the ipad is typically very close to people which makes lighting great. One can also get a $40 video light off amazon or similar if they want. 

Optional stand and base available. if you order the stand then we will add left and right nuts to attach to stand AND a DC in jack. if you do not order a stand these 2 things are not added. 

Fits 9.7 or 10.5 iPad

Stand is $220 more.